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omega constellation replica for mens presented two limited editions of Terrascope Jaguar Watches and Terrascope Golden Eagle Watches at SIAR 2013.

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Two limited editions of the Swiss watchmaker were created especially for the 2013 Salon International de Alta Relojeria, which took place in Mexico City. These limited editions of the brand's Terrascope model, which are limited to 50 pieces, pay tribute to Mexico's most iconic animals, the golden eagle, and the jaguar. Both deeply rooted in Mexican tradition. Fundacion Refugio Salvaje, which protects endangered species such as jaguars and eagles through the sale of these sport watches with bold looks, will receive proceeds.

omega constellation replica Terrascope Jaguar Watch

The Salon International de Alta Relojeria is once again attracting attention from Swiss watchmakers. It is the largest Latin American watch fair and one of the top five events in the watchmaking world. Some brands have created special editions using Mexico's powerful symbols as inspiration to make an impact on this growing market. omega constellation replica is one of these watchmakers. He combines the ancient mythology with the noble cause. The Mexican heritage is very rich in jaguar and golden eagle, which are symbols of Lightness and Darkness in Aztec mythology.Swiss Replica Watches Legend has it that these creatures fought for the right to be the Sun in the creation of the world. Eagle made himself a fire, and became the Sun. Jaguar accepted the Moon.

omega constellation replica Terrascope Golden Eagle Watch

omega constellation replica's latest creations include a drawing of a single animal at the 6 o’clock position. Their cases are made of bold DLC-coated stainless and measure 44mm in diameter. This is a size that matches the modern style of the models. The case has a satin finish and matches a rubber strap with a ribbed pattern in black, gray, or both depending on the version. Gray one will fit a gray Jaguar watch's constellation replica It is distinguished by its camouflage-style satin finishing. The Golden Eagle Terrascope has a combination of a black dial and strap.

Terrascope's motor is a JR60 self winding movement with 21 jewels. It oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations an hour (4 Hz), and has a 42-hour power reserve.