TM 10
Digital Viscometer
BS 2000, ASTM D 940
For comparing the specific viscosity of road-oils and tars to the viscosity of water. 
It consists of digital water bath. stirrer. cooling device, flask and build-in
safety thermostat to prevent over heating
TM 10-01   ASTM 23C glass thermometer 18 to 28°C, 0.2C° per division 

TM 10-02   ASTM 24C glass thermometer 39 to 54°C  0.2°C per division
TM 10-03   ASTM 25C glass thermometer 95 to 105°C 0.2°C per division   
TM 10-04   Calibration flask 200cc
TM 10-05   Testing flask   
TM 10-06   ASTM N° 50 filter disc








TM 11
Hot Extraction Apparatus
DIN 1996
A wire basket holding asphalt sample inserted into a cylindrical glass jar before
pour in solvent. The set is covered with a metal condenser connected to water
supply. A hot plate placed at the bottom of the apparatus for boiling solvent
drips into the basket dissolving out the bitumen. A centrifuge extractor is used
for separating the filter through the mesh basket.
Power: 220-240V, 50Hz, 1ph
Weight: 5kg approx.












TM 12
Analogue Dial Penetrometer
EN 1426, ASTM D 5, BS 2000
For determine the consistency of bitumens specimens under fixed condition of force time and temperature consists of a standard frame 150mm dial indicator 0.1mm per division, stop and release push button levelling screws at base automatic zero setting 50g and 100g weights, penetration needle bronze specimens cups diameter 70mm x 45mm deep and diameter 55mm x 35mm deep as standard.

TM 12-01  Semi-auto dial penetrometer identical lo TM 12 but fitted with a magnetic
                   device and digital timer selectable from 1 to 10 seconds test.
TM 12-02  Glass mirror

TM 12-03  Glass transfer dash with support suitable tor diameter 55mm x 35mm deep   and diameter 70mm x 45mm deep specimens
TM 12-04  Penetration needle, weight 2.5 +- 0.05g
TM 12-05  Penetration needle, weight 2.5 +- 0.05g, EN 1426, consists of UKAS certificate
TM 12-06  Bronze weight 50g
TM 12-07  Bronze weight 100g
TM 12-08  Bronze cup diameter 55 x 35mm deep
TM 12-09  Bronze cup diameter 70 x 75mm deep
TM 12-10  Glass thermometer -10 to 50C
TM 12-11  Digital controlled cooling oath for penetrometer with selectable temperature
               from 5 to 25C +- 0.1C Consists of a water barn 12litres, stirrer, submersible pump, inlet and outlet valves supply cooling water to specimens tank (TM 12/12) for
bituminous sample immersed unto the water to maintain a constant temperatur at 20 to 25C +- 0.1C
TM 12-12  Bath dish fitted with cooling coil to be connected to TM 12-11 for 
maintaining constant water temperature for penetration test\



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