TM 15
Standards: BS 598, EN 12697-1, 13108
Binder Recovery Apparatus - Double Sample Type
For the separation of solvent from the binder and determine binder content in
bitumen mixtures It consist ol UW-l Water Bath, vacuum pump with manometer,
2 x 250ml flask fitted with rubber bung, cocks tubing clamps, stands and
filtering vacuum bottle 1000ml capacity.
Power: 240V, 50hz, 1ph








TM 16
Pressure Filter
Comprising a pressure vessel wrth filter and pressure gauge 5 5 bar and a foot
pump and filter tunnel lo accepts 200mm diameter test sieve.

TM 16/A
Filter Paper 
270mm diameter with 33mm diameter central hole, pack of 100pcs








TM I 7
Solvent Recovery Still
Fully stainless steel unit with 2 tanks, one for dirty solvent and another one for
clean solvent, a coolant system provided which needs to be connected to a
water tap. For safety purpose, an automatic cut off feature is supplied where
it function when the solvent level too low or the process is completed. The
apparatus is easy to install, efficient, compact unit and totally self contained.
Dimension: 330mm x 410mm x 660mm approx.
Power: 200-240V, 50Hz, 1ph
Weight: 18kg approx.









TM 18
Standards: ASTM D 2041, EN 12697-5, 13108

Rice Method Vacuum Pycnometer
10,000 ml capacity transparent plexiglass for rapid determination of asphalt
content. specific gravity for aggregates bituminous uncompacted road
mixtures and compacted mixtures air voids percentage. It consist of
on/off valve and vacuum gauge.

TM 18-01 Vacuum Pycnometer vibrator consist of timer controlled.
Power: 240V, 50hz, 1ph
TM 18-02 Portable vacuum pump consist of regulator, water tap tubing and
                  standard clip
TM 18-03 Vacuum tubing 5 Ml length.













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