Product Code: ASPHALT - PREMIX -VI

TM 21
Laboratory Digital Control Heating Asphalt Oven
BS 2000, ASTM D 6, EN 13303, EN 12607-2
For determination of loss on heating, The set consists of safety thermostat to avoid over heating, rotates speed at 5 to 6rpm, stainless steel made, double insulation with fibre glass and consist of a glass thermometer 155°C to 170C, 0.5°C per division, (ASTM 13C)
Power: 240V 50hz, 1ph

TM 21-01 Rotating shelf consist of 9 bronze cups 55mm diameter
35mm deep. ASTM D 6. EN 13303, BS 2000, AASHTO T47-
'Determination of loss on heating'

TM 21-02   Rotating shelf consist of 2 stainless steel cups 140mm diameter
                     x 9.5mm deep AASHTO T149, EN 12607-2, ASTM D 1754   
TM 21-03    Stainless steel cup 140mm diameter x 9.5mm
TM 21-04    Bronze cup 55mm diameter x 35mm deep








TM 22
Rolling Thin-Film Oven.
ASTM D 2872, AASHTO T240

The oven used for measuring air and heat erreet on moving film of
Asphaly Semisolid meterials. The oven have to connect to air pressure
supply to make it works. Supplied complete with accurate digital
controller for maintaining tempemture consistently at 163°C (ASTM's
standard requiment). ventilation device and 8 nos of glass containers
size 64mm dia x 140mm (H). build-in safety thermostat to
to avoid over heating and consists of a glass thermometer
155°C to 170°C, 0.5°C per division, ASTM 13C
Power: 220-240V, 50Hz, 1pH
Dimension: 630 x 630 x 910mm approx,
Weight: 57kg approx

TM 22-01   identical to TM 22 but comply to
                    EN 12607-1 Standard

TM 22-02
   Glass cups 64mm diameter x 140mm dee
                     per division, ASTM 13C
TM 22-03   Glass thermometer 155°C to 170°C, 0.5°C
                     per division, ASTM 13C


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