Product Code: ASPHALT - PREMIX - VII

Standard: EN 1427, ASTM D 36, BS 2000
TM 23
Automatic Ring and Ball Apparatus
Identical to TM 24 out with 'Fully Automatic' microprocessor
tester to determines asphalts softening point consist of
two laser sensors to detect the ball fall, electronic
system maintaining the gradient (5c/min) for bath temperature,
magnetic stirrer with speed control from 0 to 160rpm to
ensures uniform temperature during testing, temperature
probe, memory up to 300 tests and RS 232 port for PC or printer.
Power: 240V. 50hz, 1ph








TM 24
Ring and Ball Apparatus
For determination of the softening point of asphalts and pitches. consist of a Pyrex beaker 600ml. brass frame, two tapered rings. two centering ball guides and
steel ball 9.5mm diameter.

TM 24-01 Thermometer ASTM 15°C, -2 to 80°C, 0.2°C
TM 24-02 Thermometer ASTM 16°C, 30 to 200°C, 0.5°C
TM 24-03 Steel ball 9.5mm diameter
TM 24-04 Magnetic stirrer. works with hot plate to form an uniform
temperature to the bath. Temperature up to 400°C,
Power:  240V, 50hz, 1ph
TM 24-05 Brass ring
TM Z4-06 Ball centering guide
TM 24-07 Pyrex beaker 600ml
TM 24-08 Glycerol for softening point from 80 to 160°C
TM 24-09 Halogen hot plate for uniform temperature and consist of
temperature control up to 300°C
Power: 240V, 50hz, 1ph
TM 24-10 Distill water 1500ml for softening point from
30 to 80°C















TM 24 + TM 24-01 + TM24-04


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