Product Code: ASPHALT - PREMIX - IX

TM 29
Digital Muffle Furnace 1100c, 6 litres Capacity
EN 12697-1, EN 13018
For determination of residual mineral matter by incineration of the
bituminous mixtures
ID (H x W x D): 165 x180 x 210mm
OD (H x W x D):  580 x 410 x 410mm
Weight: 24kg
Power: 240V, 50hz, 1ph, 20amps








TM 30
Digital Muffle Furnace 1100°C, 14 litres Capacity
EN 196-2, 21, 459-2
For determination of the loss on ignition of lime, cement, alkali & etc
ID (H x W x D): 210 x 220 x 310mm
OD (H x W x D ): 630 x 450 x 520mm
Weight: 31kg
Power: 240V, 50hz 1ph, 25amps

TM 31
Microwave oven 17litres capacity tor speed drying purpose to
determination of moisture contents, consists of rotating glass
Power: 240V, 50hz, 1ph








TM 32
Melting pot 5 litres capacity for melting consist of adjustable thermostat
range up to 380c, pilot light and on/off button
Power: 240V, 50hz, 1ph








TM 33
P.R.D Mould
BS 598: 10, EN 12697-9, 10, 32
To determines the degree of compaction of bituminous pavement Vertical split
at one side, heavy-duty clamps attach to the base platen and manufactured by anti-corrosion steel








TM 34
Specific Gravity Frame
EN 12697-6, 7, EN 13108, ASTM D 1186
For determination of minerals and bulk density for compacted asphalt
specimens and road cores consist of heavy-duty steel frame. water
container where the height is adjustable by a heavy-duty threaded steel
rod (not a cable) and a cradle or wire basket for holding specimens
immerse in the water for testing
TM 34-01
  Buyoncy balance 6200g x 0.1g with bottom hook
TM 34-02  Buyoncy balance 12000g x 0.1g with bottom hook 
TM 34-03  Buyoncy balance 15000g x 0.1g with bottom hook
TM 34-04  Wire basket for core sample     
TM 34-05  Cradle for concrete 15cm cube and 15cm diameter 
                   30cm height cylinder
TM 34-06  Steel water container



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